Translation services

We offer our clients professional proof-reading, editing and translation services. We deal mostly with translations from English into Russian and Belarusian languages. Our in-house translators are native speakers of these two languages with higher phylological education and a 20-year experience in translating and lecturing at various Universities of Minsk and St. Petersburg. All of our proof-readers are fluent and highly literate in English and/or other European language.

Apart from translation, we offer professional editing and proof-reading services in Russian and Belarusian languages. We can review and revise third-party translations and give you our professional opinion as to the style and grammatical correctness of any text. You should be aware of the fact that translations made by "native speakers" often contain glaring stylistic and spelling errors as companies offering low translation quotes may hire freelancers without any philological background. In some companies offering multilingual translation and desktop publishing services it's often a DTP operator who does the proof-reading job. We assure you this can be done only by a specialist, as it requires higher philological education and proper experience. Our company publishes and prints school textbooks, classics and poetry and we cannot afford ourselves producing any mistake whatsoever. You can be perfectly sure that all the books and catalogues that we make are perfect and consistent in style and contain no spelling or punctuation errors.